Mar 31 2018
In this
world of ours,
what good
does it do
for you
to have
the praise of others?
For blossoms,
the winds of spring;
for the moon,
floating clouds.
— Shotetsu (1381-1459)
Mar 30 2018
With one stroke,
All precious knowledge is forgotten.
No cultivation is needed for this.
This occurrence reveals the ancient way
And is free from the track of quiescence.
No trace is left anywhere.
Whatever I hear and see
Does not conform to rules.
All those who are enlightened
Proclaim this to be the greatest action.
— Hsiang-yen Chih-hsien (d.898)
Mar 29 2018
A quiet residence
With hardly a neighbor
A grass-covered path
And deserted garden.
Birds roost
In pond-side trees;
In moonlight,
A monk knocks at a gate.
Crossing a bridge
Unfolds more wilderness;
Moving a rock
Moves the base of clouds.
I’ve been absent for some time
But now I’m back;
I won’t break our vow
Of retreat.
— Chia Tao (779-843)
Mar 28 2018
A Chung-nan Mountain Monk

The voice of success and profit
May stir the vault of heaven,
But not this place.
In the rounds of the day,
You wear threadbare clothing
And eat simple fare.

When the mountain snow deepens,
Your thoughts
Are far from those of others.
Immortals pass your door
And knock.
— Kuan-hsiu (832-912)
Mar 27 2018

Tadanga-nibbana is mentioned in the Anguttara Nikaya. It is the state that comes about momentarily when external conditions are such that no feeling of I and mine arises. Tadanga-nibbana is momentary cessation of I and mine due to favorable circumstances.

— Buddhadasa Bhikku
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