Feb 28 2018
Gain and loss, disrepute and prestige,
blame and praise, happiness and suffering--
These are the common human conditions,
transitory, unstable, and subject to change.

The wise, ever mindful, know these dhammas,
seeing them as subject to change.
Pleasant experiences do not excite such a mind;
unpleasant experiences do not excite such a mind.
— Lokadhamma Sutta
Feb 27 2018
Spring and summer the fragrant plants grow,
In clusters of green they flourish.
In the solitude of the deserted wood,
Flowers sprout from purple stems.
Slowly the white sun reaches journey's end,
Softly the autumn wind begins to blow.
The glory of the year wilts and falls,
Your fragrant inclination,
What has become of it?
— Ch'en Tzu-ang (658-699)
Feb 26 2018
All things are transient and empty;
This is the great and perfect
Enlightenment of the Tathagata.
— Yoka Daishi
Feb 25 2018
What is mind?
The sound of the wind in
the pine tree is the brush painting.
— Ikkyu
Feb 24 2018

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, practicing the profound perfection of wisdom, clearly saw that all five aggregates are empty, transforming all suffering and distress.

— Great Perfection of Wisdom Sutra
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