Jan 31 2018
You asked what was it
that might make me happy
I'm attracted to mountains
I imagine mountains
likewise attracted to me
inside and outside
we're more or less the same
— Wang An-shih (1021-1086)
Jan 30 2018
I've read ten thousand books
and plumbed the truths beneath the sky
those who know, know themselves
no one trusts a fool
rare are the idle followers of the Way
who escape the hooks of this world
who realize what is important
doesn't come from somewhere outside
— Wang An-shih (1021-1086)
Jan 29 2018
I built my hut beside a path
but I hear neither cart nor horse
you ask how can this be
when the mind travels so does the place
picking chrysanthemums by the eastern fence
I lose myself in the southern hills
the mountain air the sunset light
birds flying home together
in this there is a truth
I'd explain if I could remember the words.
— T'ao Yuan-ming (365-427)
Jan 28 2018
The first month of summer all the plants are tall
the trees around my house are dense
birds are glad to have a place to roost
I love this refuge of mine too

having finished the plowing and planting
I've returned to my books again
such a remote lane doesn't see many ruts
it tends to deter even the carts of friends

I enjoy a cup of spring wine
and vegetables fresh from the garden
the lightest of rains comes from the east
and with it a welcome breeze

I skimmed the Tale of King Mu
and I glanced at the pictures
in Mountains and Waters
having surveyed the whole world
how can I not be happy
— T'ao Yuan-ming (365-427)
Jan 27 2018
My new hut is three spans and five beams wide
with a stone floor and cassia pillars
and woven bamboo walls
the roof facing the sun keeps it warm in winter

the door greeting the wind
keeps it cool in summer
a cascading spring makes patterns
on the steps

rubbing against the windows
bamboos lean helter-skelter
next year I'll add an east wing
and paint Meng Kuang's portrait
on the dividing screen.
— Pai Chu-yi (772-846)
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