Dec 31 2018

The original enlightenment
of each and every
sentient being is constantly
enlightening all sentient beings,
prompting them all to regain
their original enlightenment.

— Vajrasamadhi Sutra
Dec 30 2018
Meeting an old Monk in deep Mountains

A cassock of coarse threads
A mind of moonlike kind;
A short mattock in his hand
To hew the sticks he finds.
By dark stones on the streamside
Over fallen leaves he goes;
A few wisps of cloud
Trail two brows of snow.
— Guanxiu (832-912)
Dec 29 2018
Friends in the mountains, meetings few;
On a bright morning we gather at the river hall.

Snow clears: jade needles on the pine trees;
Mist warms: green tendrils of healing herbs.

Silently we face a crane from Immortal Isle;
Leisurely we read books from ancient temples.

Cherish the one who knocks at the barrier—
Ultimate Truth in a profound mind.
— Jiaoran (730-799)
Dec 28 2018
Leaning on my staff,
I watch the sky clearing after snow;
clouds are layered high
over the mountain stream.

As the woodcutter
returns to his hut,
a cold sun sets
on perilous peaks.

A farmer's fire
burns the grass along a ridge;
wisps of cook smoke rise
in rock-girt pines.

Returning to the temple
along the mountain road,

I hear the striking of the evening bell.
— Chia Tao (779-843)
Dec 27 2018
The autumn branches are bare,
The sunlight weak,
The mountain lonely,
The frost flowers clear.
I close the door
And drift into a dream
Until the squawk of a magpie
Startles me awake.
— Wonkam Chungji (1226-1292)
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