Nov 25 2017
There is a tree before the gate
Where birds nest and fly,
Unbidden and unmissed.
To have a heart like that tree,
Would not offend the way.
— Judun (835-923)
Nov 24 2017
Above an incense burner on the south terrace,
Sitting in still meditation all day long,
All care forgotten.
Delusions depart un-banished
And I am free from distraction.
— Shou-an
Nov 23 2017
The moon shines upon us all,
How can wearing the white of the common world
Degrade those who perceive the void?
Who can say that living
Thus obstructs the way?
I take the hermit Weimo as my guide.
— Zhizhan (781-865)
Nov 22 2017
Body forged to the form of a crane
Standing beneath ancient pines,
Two sutras by his side.
I ask the master to show the way,
Without a word,
He points to the clouds in the sky
And the water in the vase.
— Li Ao (772-836)
Nov 21 2017
Those who scramble after fame,
Gain not the ease of half a day.
Without a companion I come
And toast the southern hills alone
— Han Yu (768-824)
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