Nov 20 2017
In three huts have I dwelt this life,
But one mystic light has shone
To create a myriad of leisured states.
Do not test me with tales of right and wrong,
I have no truck with the floating life
Of forced fact and this and that.
— Longshan
Nov 19 2017
There's nothing strange in mundane matters,
Harmony is the key.
No need for choice or gain or loss
But keep one's nature true.
Scarlet and purple differ but in name,
No dust stains the hills.
Enlightenment's mystic power
Is drawing water and hewing wood.
— Pang Yun
Nov 18 2017
The single door that opens to the hills makes two,
Two temples were once the same.
From the east the streams run west to mingle
And from southern hills rise northern clouds.
Flowers bloom in front
But at rear are seen.
Bells above are heard below
And I think of my masters' meditation place,
Where cassia flowers drift down one by one.
— Bai Juyi (772-846)
Nov 17 2017
All creation sounds of itself
But space is still forever.
Sound springs from stillness
And to stillness returns.
— Wei Yingwu (731-791)
Nov 16 2017
I enter the old temple at dawn
As the rising sun shines upon the lofty pines.
Through the bamboos a secluded path winds
To a Zen court in the depths of flowers and trees.
The birds rejoice in the mountain air
And reflected pools cleanse the heart.
The hubbub of the world is hushed
But the bell's chime lingers on.
— Chang Jian (708-765)
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