Nov 30 2017

The Pure Mind is the mind of untainted Suchness. The defiled mind is the mind of tainted ignorance…One who is enlightened to Suchness is unaffected by defilements and is called a sage. Such a one is eventually able to distantly transcend suffering and to realize the joy of nirvana.

One who acts in accord with the defiled is subject to its attachments and obscurations and is called an ordinary person. Such a one sinks helplessly within the triple realm and is subject to various kinds of sufferings. Why is this? Because the defiled mind obstructs the essence of Suchness.

— Shen-hsui (d. 706)
Nov 29 2017
In all, what does life resemble?
It seems a goose print in the slush of snow.
That changed left footprint will soon be gone,
And the goose flies away it knows not where.
The old monk is dead, his new stupa built
And nowhere to see old poems
On the temple's crumbling walls.
Do you remember the rugged paths,
The weariness of the long road
And the braying of the donkey?
— Su Shi (1037-1101)
Nov 28 2017
If the mind's at ease so is all,
In market place or mountain stream.
Right and wrong, fame and profit
Are suddenly a dream,
And when you see them with a wiser eye,
They live only for an instant.
— Fayan (d. 1104)
Nov 27 2017
In the spacious temple,
The back door's not barred at night.
Half a gatha composed beside the stream,
A remaining sutra read beneath the moon.
Though I pursued the mundane dust,
I came awake at last.
Those who do not know this truth
Must labor in lifelong toil.
— Zanning (919-1001)
Nov 26 2017
Clad in a monk's woolen robe,
I admire the flowering blossoms.
Today my hair is white,
Last year the flowers were red.
Beauty comes on the morning dew
But fades with the evening breeze.
Why wait for the fallen blossoms
To begin to know the void?
— Wenyi (885-958)
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