Oct 26 2017
The teaching of the mind ground
Is the basis of Zen study.
The mind ground is
The great awareness
Of being as is.
— Fayan
Oct 25 2017
Master Seung Sahn taught that
"Zen mind is not Zen mind."
He encouraged his students
to abandon narrow ideas of Zen
and hang on only to the question,
"What is the best way of helping other people?"
— Seung Sahn
Oct 24 2017
If you do not spontaneously
Trust yourself sufficiently,
You will be in a frantic state,
Pursuing all sorts of objects
And being changed
By those objects,
Unable to be independent.
— Linji (d.867)
Oct 23 2017
What I point out to you
Is only that
You shouldn’t allow yourselves
To be confused by others.
Act when you need to,
Without further hesitation or doubt.
— Linji (d. 827)
Oct 22 2017
To realize Mind,
Begin by looking
For the source of your thoughts.
Whether asleep or working,
Standing or sitting,
Intensely ask yourself,
"What is my mind?"
— Bassui
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