Oct 11 2017
This is the great mystery
You do and do not exist.
— Shen T'sing
Oct 10 2017
Attaining the heart
Of the sutra,
Are not even the sounds
Of the bustling marketplace
The preaching of the Dharma?
— Dogen (1200-1252)
Oct 09 2017
Spring has its hundred flowers
Summer its many moons.
Autumn has cool winds
Winter its snow.
If useless thoughts do not
Cloud your mind,
Each day is the best of your life.
— Wu-Men-Hui-Kai (1183-1260)
Oct 08 2017
Don’t seek fame or fortune,
Glory or prosperity.
Just pass this life as is,
According to circumstances.
When the breath is gone,
Who is in charge?
After the death of the body,
There is only an empty name.
When your clothes are worn,
Repair them over and over;
When you have no food,
Work to provide.
How long can a phantomlike
Body last?
Would you increase your ignorance
For the sake of its idle concerns?
— Tung-shan
Oct 07 2017
The path of the Tao is easy to follow
Only a little wisdom is needed
To walk its ancient and constant way.
— Lao Tzu
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