Oct 31 2017
In a moonlit night on a spring day
The croak of a frog
Pierces through the whole cosmos
And turns it into
A single family!
— Chang Chiu-ch'en
Oct 30 2017
Over the crest of the T'ung-hsuan-feng,
The human world is no more.
Nothing is outside the Mind;
And the eye is filled
With green mountains.
— T'ien-t'ai Te-shao (891-972)
Oct 29 2017
To practice the six paramitas
And a myriad similar methods
With the intention of attaining
Buddhahood thereby,
Is to try to advance by stages,
But the Buddha who has always existed
Is not a Buddha of stages.

Only awake to the Universal Mind
And realize that there is
Nothing whatever to be attained.
This is the real Buddha.
For the Buddha and all sentient beings
Are nothing but the Universal Buddha Mind.
— Huang-po (d. 850)
Oct 28 2017
Forty years I’ve
Lived in the mountains,
Ignorant of the world’s
Rise and fall.
Warmed at night by a stove
Full of pine needles;
Satisfied at noon by a bowl
Of wild plants;
Sitting on rocks
Watching clouds and empty thoughts;
Patching my robe in sunlight;
Practicing silence
Till someone asks
Why Bodhidharma came east,
And I hang out my wash.
— Shih-wu (1252-1352)
Oct 27 2017
Outwardly in the world
of good and evil,
yet without thoughts
stirring the heart,
this is meditation.
Inwardly seeing
one's own true nature
and not being distracted from it,
this is meditation.
— Hui-neng
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