Sep 10 2017
I am asked to expound
The supreme vehicle of Zen,
But if it is the supreme vehicle,
Even the sages stand aside,
Buddhas, and Zen masters disappear.
Because you are all
The same as the buddhas of old
But can you really
Believe and trust this?
If you really can,
Let us all disband
And go our separate ways.
If you don't leave,
I'll go on fooling you.
— Yangqi
Sep 09 2017
When suddenly
Mind and environment
Are both forgotten,
There is the ability
To penetrate freely earth,
Mountains and rivers.
The whole substance of the real body
Of the king of Dharma is manifest;
People these days
Face it without knowing it.
— Daio (1235-1309)
Sep 08 2017
Song of Meditation

Sentient beings are primarily all Buddhas:
It is like ice and water,
Apart from water, no ice can exist;
Outside sentient beings,
Where do we find the Buddhas?
Not knowing how near the Truth is,
People seek it far away, what a pity!
— Hakuin (1685–1768)
Sep 07 2017
Wonderful! Wonderful!
The sermon of the inanimate is inconceivable.
If you try to hear it with your ears,
You’ll hardly understand
Only when you hear it in your eyes
Will you be able to know.
— Dongshan Liangjie (807-869)
Sep 06 2017
Leaves fluttering before the wind;
How to convey their splendor?
I know this stone pagoda
With my entire body,
And laugh at the changes of earthly life.
— Fugai Ekun (1568-1654)
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