Jul 11 2017
Hard rain, our gathered firewood scant;
Lamp frozen, glimmers not at night.
In the cave, wind blows stones and mud.
Moss engravings weatherstrip rickety door.
Brooks in torrent untiring;
People’s words more and more rare.
What schemes calm the heart?
Sitting in the lotus,
Wrapped in robes of Zen.
— Hsu Yun
Jul 10 2017

The mind is an uncertain thing. This body is uncertain. Together they are impermanent. Together they are a source of suffering. Together they are devoid of self. These, the Buddha pointed out, are neither a being, nor a person, nor a self, nor a soul, nor us, nor they. They are merely elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. Elements only!

When the mind sees this, it will rid itself of attachment which holds that ‘I’ am beautiful, ‘I’ am good, ‘I’ am evil, ‘I’ am suffering, ‘I’ have, ‘I’ this, or ‘I’ that. You will experience a state of unity, for you’ll have seen that all of mankind is basically the same. There is no ‘I’. There are only elements.

— Ajahn Chah: Bodhinyana
Jul 09 2017

Deep on the mountain’s an unseen cloister;
Wicker shadows lock in the long bamboos.
Suddenly there’s a bell
Ringing now and then,
Empty valley filling with white clouds

Off drawing water, an old monk returns;
Pine-tree dew stains his robe green.
Bell barely murmurs; the cloister gate has closed.
Mountain birds; all by themselves,
Skirmish over roosting spots.

— Ch’en Fou (1240–1319)
Jul 08 2017
Does one really have to fret
About enlightenment?
No matter what road I travel,
I’m going home.
— Shinsho
Jul 07 2017
I was born with a divine jewel,
Long since filmed with dust.
This morning, wiped clean, it mirrors
Streams and mountains, without end.
— Ikuzanchu
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