Jun 23 2017
Spring morning on the lake:
The wind merges with the rain,
Worldly matters are like flowers
That fall only to bloom again.
I retire to contemplate behind closed doors,
A place of true joy,
While the floating clouds come and go
The whole day long.
— Zhengue (12th c.)
Jun 22 2017
The entire day I searched for spring,
But spring I could not find,
In my straw sandals I tramped among the
Mountain peak clouds.
Home again, smiling, I finger a sprig of
Fragrant plum blossom;
Spring was right here on these branches
In all of its glory!
— Wang Wei (701-761)
Jun 21 2017
Passing the Monastery of Gathered Fragrance

Where is it, the Monastery of Gathered Fragrance?
Mile after mile I climb the cloudy peaks;
Here are old trees, a path that no man treads
And deep in the hills the sound of a temple bell;
A fountain chokes on jagged rocks,
Among these dark green pines the sun seems chill;
I come at twilight to a deep pool
Can the monk at his devotions curb the evil dragon?
— Wang Wei (701-761)
Jun 20 2017
The temple is buried in white clouds
But the monk does not sweep them away.
As he opens the gate to receive a guest,
All the vales look hazy with flying pollen.
— Yi Dal (1539-1612)
Jun 19 2017
I let mind and body go
And gained a life of freedom
My old age is taking place
Among ten thousand peaks
I don’t let white clouds
Leave the valley lightly
I escort the moon as far
As my closed gate.
— Han-shan Te-ch’ing (1546-1623)
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