Jun 08 2017
There’s a tree that existed before the woods,
In age twice as old.
Its roots suffered as the valley changed,
Its leaves deformed by wind and frost.
People all laugh at its withered aspect,
Caring nothing about the core’s beauty.
When the bark is stripped off,
Only essence remains.
— Han Shan (early 9th c)
Jun 07 2017
The capacity of Mind is vast and great:
It is like the emptiness of space;
It has neither breadth nor bounds;
It is neither square nor round; neither large nor small;
It is neither blue nor yellow nor red nor white;
It has neither upper nor lower, long nor short;
It knows of neither anger nor pleasure;
Neither right nor wrong;
Neither good nor evil;
It is without beginning and without end.
— Sixth Patriarch
Jun 06 2017
Each and every spring,
Blossoms gave my mind its
Comfort and pleasure:
Now more than sixty years
Have gone by like this.
— Saigyo (1118-1190)
Jun 05 2017

The pure light in your single thought-this is the Dharmakaya Buddha within your own house. The nondiscriminating light in your single thought-this is the Sambhogakaya Buddha within your own house. The nondifferentiating light in your single thought- this is the Nirmanakaya Buddha within your own house. This Threefold Body is you-listening to my discourse right now before my very eyes.

— Lin-chi
Jun 04 2017
Yoshino Mountain:
White puffs on cherry limbs
Are fallen snow,
Informing me that blossoms
Will be late this year.
— Saigyo (1118-1190)
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