Jun 13 2017

According to Buddha’s words, once one has fully entered the world, there is no breach or need to leave the world. These words contain the principle of attaining Buddhahood by means of the world dharma.

In the Kegon Sutra it is said: “the Buddha Dharma is not different from the world dharma, and the world dharma is not different from the Buddha Dharma.” Anyone who does not put to use this principle of attaining Buddhahood in the world dharma itself knows nothing of the real intentions of the Buddha.

Any and every occupation is Buddhist practice. It is on the basis of our actual work that enlightenment is to be attained. Therefore, no work can be anything other than Buddhist practice.

— Shosan (1579-1655)
Jun 12 2017
A crowd of stars lines up
Bright in the deep night.
Lone lamp on the cliff,
The moon is not yet sunk,
Full and bright without being
Ground or polished.
Hanging in the black sky is my mind.
— Han Shan (early 9th c)
Jun 11 2017

There is a destination that must be reached within a day. One person endures great suffering and continues to walk with the aid of a stick. The other person decides to rest on a rock because it is too much for him. When he lies down and looks up, he sees clouds drifting in the wind and hallucinates that the rock he is on is also flying in the air. Cheerfully fantasizing that he has already reached his destination, he wakes up to find that he is just where he was before. The first person who continued to walk has already completed his trek. Although the second one finds himself far from his goal, he thinks it is useless to regret his error.

— Parable of Shakyamuni
Jun 10 2017
I go to visit a prominent monk
In mountain mist and a thousand peaks.
The master himself points out the road
And the moon hangs its lantern out for me.
— Han Shan (early 9th c)
Jun 09 2017

There are two paths to practice. One is to place oneself under the guidance of a virtuous and wise teacher, enduring the severity of the restrictions and bearing the accompanying pain and difficulty. The other is to practice in solitude in a quiet place. I realize that there are many people here in this mountain temple, and that there are many obstacles to practice. It would seem as though practice by oneself should be easier. However, there is always danger that one will become lazier due to the relaxation in one’s schedule.

— Myoe (1185-1333)
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