May 26 2017
Sentient beings are really Buddha.
Like water and ice;
Apart from water, no ice;
Outside of sentient beings, no Buddha.
Not knowing it is near
They seek for it afar!
Just like being in water,
But crying for thirst!
— Hakuin
May 25 2017
As flowing waters disappear into the mist
we lose all track of their passage
every heart is its own Buddha
ease off; become immortality
wake up: the world's a mote of dust
behold heaven's round mirror
turn loose: slip past shape and shadow
sit side by side with nothing—save Tao.
— Shih-shu (17th c)
May 24 2017
Over the snowy mountain,
The star is still shining
As ever brilliantly
As when Buddha saw it
Long ago.
But alas!
Some of us fail to see it.
— Sengai (1750-1837)
May 23 2017
The song of cicadas in the branches,
the voice of water under rocks.
Rain last night washed away
the soot and dust.
Don't say there's nothing special
in my grass hut,
come and I'll share with you
a window full of cool air.
— Ryokan (1758-1831)
May 22 2017
In the garden
with no one but the clear white moon
Golden autumn wind
blows through my robe
I pick up fallen flowers
their fragrance fills the earth
The sound of wild geese in the distance
and my feelings too deep to fathom.
— Jakushitsu (1290-1367)
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