Apr 25 2017

Mahamati, if someone points to something with their finger, and a foolish person looks at their finger, they won’t see what it is pointing at. In the same manner, foolish people become so attached to the finger of words, they refuse to abandon it to grasp the truth, even at the point of death. Those who don’t cultivate skillful means cannot understand this. Thus, you should cultivate skillful means and not cling to words, as if you were looking at someone’s finger.

— Lankavatara Sutra
Apr 24 2017
Maintaining awareness of the mind
is the fundamental basis of nirvana,
the essential gateway for entering the path,
the basic principle of the entire Buddhist canon.
— Hung-jen (605-651)
Apr 23 2017

Those who live according to the Buddha mind and do not succumb to illusions have no cause to seek enlightenment outside of themselves. Sit with the Buddha mind, keep company only with the Buddha mind, sleep with the Buddha mind, arise with the Buddha mind, dwell only with the Buddha mind; then in all your daily activities—walking and waiting, sitting and lying down—you will act like a living Buddha. Nothing else remains to be said.


— Bankei (1622-1693)
Apr 22 2017
Don’t listen with your ears,
Listen with your mind.
No, don’t listen with your mind,
But listen with your spirit.
Listening stops with the ears,
The mind stops with recognition,
But the spirit is empty and waits
On all things.
The Way gathers in emptiness
Emptiness is the fasting
Of the mind.
— Zhuangzi (369-286)
Apr 21 2017

All Buddhist teachings originally come from your own inherent nature. The true nature of all phenomena originally comes from your mind. Mind and phenomena are One Thusness: fundamentally there is nothing else. All the defilements that bind you are empty. Misdeeds and merits, right and wrong are all illusions.

— Cuu Chi (19th c)
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