Apr 05 2017

Your buddha nature is like the sun and moon in the sky, like fire in a piece of wood. Everyone has a buddha nature. What comes from practicing Zen is something you yourself realize. Talking about food will never satisfy your hunger.

— Hui-ko (487-593)
Apr 04 2017
I like my home being well-hidden
A dwelling place cut off
From the world’s noise and dust
Trampling the grass has made three paths
Looking up at the clouds
Makes neighbor in the four directions
There are birds to help with
The sound of singing
But there isn’t anyone to ask about
The words of the Dharma today
Among these withered trees
How many years make one spring?
— Han-shan
Apr 03 2017

Those who wish to break the cycle of rebirth must know the way of becoming a Buddha. The way of becoming a Buddha is the way of enlightenment of the mind. Before one’s father and mother were born and before one’s own body was born, one’s own mind existed unchanged until now, as the ground of all sentient beings.

— Bassui (1327-1387)
Apr 02 2017
All the mountains, all the rivers
Such a beautiful landscape!
During endless eons, in each life,
This world has appeared...
No amount of praise could be enough.
It is not the product of anyone’s strength;
Every single aspect of it
Arises from your own mind.
— Kusan Sunim (1909-1983)
Apr 01 2017
Blossoms at their Height

in the garden
and the blue
of the sky—
both becoming one:
opening to rise
into white clouds
of spring
— Shotetsu (1381-1459)
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