Apr 10 2017
It is my constant thought:
The mind, Buddha, and all beings,
That these three be undifferentiated.
— Sengai (1750-1837)
Apr 09 2017
After begging food around town
I proudly return carrying my bag.
Returning where?
Do you know?
To my home in the white clouds.
— Ryokan
Apr 08 2017

You have obstacles only because you have not realized the emptiness of the eons. Genuine Wayfarers are never like this; they just dissolve their history according to conditions, dressing according to circumstances, acting when they need to act, and sitting when they need to sit, without any idea of seeking the fruits of buddhahood.

— Lin Chi (d 867)
Apr 07 2017
Don’t tell me how difficult the Way.
The bird’s path, winding far,
Is right before you.
Water of the Dokei Gorge,
You return to the ocean,
I to the mountain.
— Hofuku Seikatsu
Apr 06 2017
In the mountains
Are many companions of the Way,
Sitting Zen, chanting,
Forming a natural community.

But if you gazed
Far off from city walls,
In this direction,
All you would see is white clouds.
— Wang wei
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