Apr 15 2017
From the one hundred flowers,
I wander freely,
The soaring cliff
My hall of meditation
— Reizan (d.1411)
Apr 14 2017
Not going, not coming
Rooted, deep and still
Not reaching out, not reaching in
Just resting, at the center
A single jewel, the flawless crystal drop
In the blaze of its brilliance
The way beyond
— Shih-te
Apr 13 2017
If you would quell demons,
You must first subjugate your own mind.
When the mind has yielded,
Then the legions of demons
Will disperse obediently.
If you would drive away deceitfulness,
You must first bridle you own spirit.
When your spirit is at peace,
Heresies will not bother you.
— Hung Ying-min
Apr 12 2017
The world?
Moonlit drops
From a crane's bill
— Dogen (1200-1253)
Apr 11 2017
This cold night bamboos stir,
Their sound—now harsh, now soft
Sweeps through the lattice window.
Though ear's no match for mind,
What need, by lamplight,
Of a single scripture leaf?
— Kido (1185-1269)
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