Apr 20 2017
Calm, activity
Each has its use.
At times this worldly dust
Piles mountains high.
Now the neighbor's asleep,
I chant a sutra.
The incense burnt away,
I sing before the moon.
— Soen (1859-1919)
Apr 19 2017
On Climbing the Mountain

However difficult the cliff,
It's only after climbing
One's aware.
Leisurely I followed
Tathagata's footsteps.
Roaring below,
A tiger chilled the day.
— Mokusen (1847-1920)
Apr 18 2017
What people expect to happen is
always different from what actually happens.
From this comes great disappointment;
this is the way the world works.
— Sutta Nipata
Apr 17 2017

The Buddha said, “Monks, if you want to be free from suffering, you should contemplate knowing how much is enough. By knowing it you are in the place of enjoyment and peacefulness. If you know how much is enough, you are contented even when you sleep on the ground.

If you don’t know it, you are discontented even when you are in heaven. You can feel poor even if you have much wealth. You may be constantly pulled by the five sense desires and pitied by those who know how much is enough. This is called “to know how much is enough.”

— Buddha
Apr 16 2017
Our very nature is Buddha,
and apart from this nature
there is no other Buddha.
— Hui-neng
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