Mar 26 2017
No me: Dharmas all empty.
Death, Life, small difference.
Heart of mystery’s transformation:
Know, and see.
The Truth cries out
Where the arrow strikes the target.
— Hui K’o (4th–5th c)
Mar 25 2017

There is no Dharma that can be explained, no Mind that can be spoken of: inherent reality-nature is empty. Going back to the fundamental basis, it is the Path. The real identity of the Path is empty and boundless, vast and pure. With its stillness and solitude, it obliterates the cosmos. It pervades ancient and modern, but its nature is pure. This is the pure buddha-land.

— Records of the Lanka
Mar 24 2017

The realm of enlightenment of all the Buddhas and patriarchs is the same as that of you monks. If you have a head full of Buddhas and patriarchs, how will you ever get to see what is your own? But if you see what is your own, at that time there cannot be any Buddhas, patriarchs, other people or dharma established…The patriarah is not another person separate from yourself, and the Buddha is miraculous, pure awakening.

— Hongzhi
Mar 23 2017
Walking in the Garden

Everywhere spring birds
Are singing their new songs
And delicate flowers
Celebrate soft air.
I explore each corner
Of the winding path,
Making sure not to waste a single step.
— Yang Wan-li (1127-1206)
Mar 22 2017
My poems, they’re poems too;
Some people even call them hymns.
Poems and hymns are on the whole alike
When you read them you’ve got
To go at it with care,
Slowly, slowly, carefully probing
Don’t rashly assume it’s all simple and easy.
Use poems to learn how to practice the Way
Then you’ll find it a hugely laughable affair!
— Gensei (1623-1668)
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