Mar 06 2017
Stand before it
And there is no beginning.
Follow it and there is no end.
Stay with the ancient Tao,
Move with the present.
— Lao Tzu
Mar 05 2017

To cook or fix some food, is not preparation; it is practice....Whatever we do, it should be an expression of the same deep activity. We should appreciate what we are doing. There is no preparation for something else.

— Dogen (1200-1252)
Mar 04 2017
With the various images
You find in your mind,
Let them come, and let them go.
Then they will be under control.
— Suzuki Roshi
Mar 03 2017
The third one crooked;
The second one leaning
Bamboos have grown
By the stone steps of the garden
Every year
There are more of them
Until now they are a forest
At the clack of a stone on bamboo
Hsiang-yet shattered
The uncountable worlds,
But this garden
Continues in its green shade
Just as before
— Muso Soseki (1275-1351)
Mar 02 2017

Living in forests far away from other people is not true seclusion. True seclusion is to be free from the power of likes and dislikes. It is also to be free from the mental attitude that one must be special because one is treading the path.

Those who remove themselves to far forests often feel superior to others. They think that because they are solitary they are being guided in a special way that those who live an ordinary life can never have that experience. But that is conceit and is no help to others. The true recluse is one who is available to others, helping them with affectionate speech and personal example.

— Prajanaparamita
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