Mar 11 2017

One who is not a companion of myriad things has departed the toils of materialism. The mind does not recognize the mind, the eye does not see the eye; since there is no opposition, when you see forms there are no forms there to be seen, and when you hear sounds there are no sounds there to be heard. Is this not departing from the toils of materialism?

— Foyan (1067–1120)
Mar 10 2017
Calm, activity
Each has its use.
At times this worldly dust
Piles mountains high.
Now the neighbor's asleep,
I chant a sutra.
The incense burnt away,
I sing before the moon.
— Soen (1859-1919)
Mar 09 2017
If you turn your light inwardly,
you will find
what is esoteric
within you.
— Hui neng
Mar 08 2017
All phenomena are intrinsically void
and yet this Mind
with which they are identical
is no mere nothingness.
— Huang po
Mar 07 2017

The whole universe, the whole world, is you; do you think there is any other? This is why the Heroic Progress Scripture says, “People lose themselves, pursuing things; if they could turn things around, they would be the same as Buddha.”

— Hsueh-feng (822-908)
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