Mar 21 2017

Passing through the death experience

An ancient Zen text recommends that when people are dying they should contemplate their mental and physical elements as being void of ultimate reality, having no independent being and no identity of their own.

Further, they should contemplate the true mind as being formless, neither coming nor going, the essence of mind not coming into existence at birth and not going out of existence at death, being forever tranquil.

By this means, people can leave the world; they will not be drawn to beatific visions or frightened by horrific visions, such as they may experience at death according to their mental states. The mind will be forgotten and merged with the cosmos.

— Muso Kokushi (1275-1351)
Mar 20 2017

Buddha said: “Beyond thousands of millions of buddha-lands, there is a land called Ultimate Bliss. This land has a buddha called Amitabha. Now he appears teaching the Dharma” In these words of Buddha there is a profound, intimate, esoteric meaning. Do you recognize it or not?

— T'aego
Mar 19 2017
At P'o-shan Monastery

Clear dawn
Enters the ancient temple.
First sun brightens lofty grove.
Winding paths:
Lead off toward secret places.
Ch'an chamber:
Flowers deep among the trees.
Mountain light:
Joy, the birds' nature.
Pool shadows:
Empty, the hearts of men.
All sounds,
Here fall to silence.
All that remains,
The bell-stones tone.
— Ch'ang chien (708-765)
Mar 18 2017
Lately, I love but quietness:
Things of this world
Are no more my concern.
Looking back,
I've known no better plan
Than this:
Returning to the grove.
Pine breezes,
Loosen my robe.
Mountain moon beams,
Play my lute.
What, you ask, is Final Truth?
The fisherman's song,
Strikes deep into the bank.
— Wang Wei
Mar 17 2017
Good Dharmas arise and evil karmas too,
Yet both are but illusions.
The body is like foam,
Like wind the mind;
Illusion has no base and no reality.
— Sikhin Buddha
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