Mar 31 2017
The wondrous nature of Emptiness
Is inconceivable,
Yet with mind empty,
It is not at all difficult to realize.
A jewel burns on the mountain,
Its color constantly bright.
A lotus blooms in the furnace,
Its moisture never parched.
— Ngo An
Mar 30 2017
When spring goes
The hundred flowers wither,
When spring comes,
The hundred flowers bloom.
One thing after another,
Life passes before our eyes,
Old age comes from above.
Don’t think that all flowers fall
As spring ends,
In the courtyard last night
A plum branch bloomed.
— Vien Chieu (909-1091)
Mar 29 2017

What exactly is post satori training you ask? That is a matter of the utmost importance. The great matter that comes after satori is none other than the Bodhi-mind, supreme Bodhi. Even the wisest and most eminent priest will fall into the paths of evil if he does not possess the Bodhi-mind. And what is the Bodhi-mind?

It consists in proceeding forward into enlightenment while helping sentient beings still left behind in illusion. It is nothing other than the task of whipping forward the Wheel of the Four Great Vows and helping others. Among all the ways of helping others, the most important is preaching to them, giving them the great gift of Dharma.

— Bonseki
Mar 28 2017
Day and night
Night and day,
The way of Dharma
As everyday life;
In each act our hearts
Resonate with the call of the sutra
— Dogen (1200-1253)
Mar 27 2017
Divination showed my place
Among these bunched cliffs
Where faint trails cut off
The traces of men and women
What’s beyond the yard
White clouds embracing hidden rocks
Living here still
After how many years
Over and over
I’ve seen spring and winter change
Get the word to families
With bells and cauldrons
Empty fame has no value
— Han Shan (c. 730)
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