Jan 11 2016
Climbing up Incense Burner Peak,
My heart hoards the memories.
Today I resolve to start up,
Tug at vines, mount perilous crags.
Hand over hand inch upward,
Three friends start with me,
Two dare to go no further.
At last I reach the summit,
Dazzled, awe-struck, my spirit soars,
The void stretches ten thousand feet,
Where I stand only a few inches!
Until you see the whole world like this,
How can you know its vastness?
The Long River a narrow thread,
Pen Town could fit in my palm.
I chafe at my life...so petty,
Unable to throw off the halter,
I turn back with a sigh,
Grudgingly return to the ant's nest.
— Bai Juyi (772-846)
Jan 10 2016
Actions to save the world
Have their ups and downs
Depending on circumstances
You have to be careful
As though you were dragging half a ton
By a hair
Spare no efforts
To bring the Dharma rain
To this countryside
The Forest of Wisdom
Will grow dense
And cover the world.
— Soseki
Jan 09 2016

View your own consciousness tranquilly and attentively, so that you can see how it is always moving, like flowing water or a glittering mirage. After you have perceived this consciousness, simply continue to view it gently and naturally, without the consciousness assuming any fixed position inside or outside yourself. Do this tranquilly and attentively, until its fluctuations dissolve into peaceful stability.

— Hung-jen (605-651)
Jan 08 2016
Sentient beings cannot attain liberation
Because of their craving and desire,
Which cause them to fall into
The cycle of birth and death.
If they can sever like and dislike,
Along with greed, anger, and delusion,
Regardless of their different nature,
They will all accomplish the Buddha Path.
— Buddha
Jan 07 2016

As long as the light has not yet broken through, there are two kinds of disease:

1. The first consists in seeing oneself facing objects and being left in the dark about everything.

2. The second consists in having been able to pierce through to the emptiness of all separate entities, yet there still is something that in a hidden way is like an object.

— Yunmen (864-949)
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