Jan 26 2016

The pure light of your mind in a single moment of thought is the reality-body Buddha in your own house. The nondiscriminatory light of your mind in a single moment of thought is the reward-body Buddha in your own house. The nondifferentiated light of your mind in a single moment of thought is the projection-body Buddha in your own house. These three kinds of embodiment are none other than the person who is listening to the teaching right here and now, but it is only by not seeking outwardly that one has these effective functions.

— Lin Chi (d 867)
Jan 25 2016

The body of reality is pure as empty space. But emptiness is not empty and existence does not exist. Existence basically does not exist; people themselves become attached to existence. Emptiness is basically not empty; people themselves become attached to emptiness. Pure liberation is apart from existence and emptiness, without contrived actions, without concerns, without abiding, without attachment. Within Nirvana, not a single thing is created. This is the contemplation of enlightenment.

— Records of the Lanka
Jan 24 2016
This body’s existence is like a bubble’s
may as well accept what happens
events and hopes seldom agree
but who can step back doesn’t worry
we blossom and fade like flowers
gather and part like clouds
worldly thoughts I forgot long ago
relaxing all day on a peak.
— Shih-wu (1272–1352)
Jan 23 2016

If you want to understand the principle of the short cut, you must in one fell swoop break through this one thought—then and only then will you comprehend birth and death. Then and only then will it be called accessing awakening.

You need only lay down, all at once, the mind full of deluded thoughts and inverted thinking, the mind of logical discrimination, the mind that loves life and hates death, the mind of knowledge and views, interpretations and comprehension, and the mind that rejoices in stillnesss and turns from disturbance.

— Ta-hui (1089-1163) from Eloquent Zen
Jan 22 2016
Saintly Bamboo

I love bamboo
it does not allow heat or cold to penetrate.
Experiencing frost—with effort—it makes a nub
through the day, solitary, it has an empty mind.
Below the moon, bamboo casts pure shadows
in wind, it chants a sutra.
Winter-white, the head bears a burden of snow
a temple's harmony emerges.
— Chin'gak Kuksa Hyesim (1178-1234)
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