Jan 31 2016
When you go deep,
Following a winding river to its source,
You’re soon bewildered,
Wandering a place beyond knowing:
Craggy peaks towering
Above stay lost in confusions of mist,
And depths sunken away
Far below surge and swell in a blur.
— Hsieh Ling-yun (385-433)
Jan 30 2016

Wu-yeh all his life called out
"Don't be deluded"
Jui-yen simply said
In a deserted mountain
sun shines through an ivy tangled window
The sound of wind in the pines ceases
and I enjoy a peaceful afternoon nap.

— Jakushitsu (1290-1367)
Jan 29 2016

Followers of the Way, true sincerity is extremely difficult to attain, and the Buddha-dharma is deep and mysterious, yet a goodly measure of understanding can be acquired. I explain it exhaustively all day long, but you students give not the slightest heed. Though a thousand times or ten thousand times, you tread it under foot, you are still in utter darkness. It is without a vestige of form, yet distinct in its solitary shining.

— Lin-chi
Jan 28 2016
If you love the sacred and hate the secular
You'll float and sink in the birth-and-death sea.
The passions exist dependent on mind:
Have no-mind, and how can they bind you?
Without troubling to discriminate
Or cling to forms
You'll attain the Way naturally
In a moment of time
— Chih-kung Ho-shang (418-514)
Jan 27 2016
This mind, since time without beginning,
Is originally motionless.
Though we may speak a thousand
Thoughts, it is just that the workings
Of natural potential are spontaneously so.
Though we may feel myriad influences
And make myriad responses, from the
Beginning the fundamental essence
Has always been still.
— Qian Dehong (1495-1574)
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