Dec 16 2016
The clouds of sunset
Gather in the western sky,
And over the silent silvery Han
Rises a white jade moon.
Not often does life
Bring such beauty.
Where shall I see the moon
Next year?
— Su T’ung-Po (1037-1101)
Dec 15 2016
Listening to Snow

Cold night, no wind,
Bamboo making noises,
Noises far apart,
Now bunched together,
Filtering the pine-flanked lattice.
Listening with ears is less fine
Than listening with the mind.
Beside the lamp I lay
Aside the half scroll of sutra Daito
— Daito
Dec 14 2016
The Way is vast and without favor.
The all-empty Tao is profound.
With an empty heart, its nature is
Easily learned,
Though its power encompasses the cosmos.
With its wisdom one may discern
Life’s great mysteries,
So that the heart may become pure
As the throne of the immortals.
— Loy Ching-Yuen (1873-1960)
Dec 13 2016
The wind is the breath
Of heaven and earth.
Into every corner
It unfolds and reaches;
Without choosing between high or low,
Exalted or humble,
It touches everywhere.
— Song Yu (290-223 BC)
Dec 12 2016
In a pellucid ocean,
Bubbles arise and dissolve again.
Just so, thoughts are no
Different from ultimate reality,
So don’t find fault; remain at ease.
Whatever arises, whatever occurs,
Don’t grasp—release it on the spot.
Appearances, sounds, and objects
Are all one’s own mind;
There’s nothing except mind.
— Buddha
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