Dec 31 2016
I sit on a boulder
At the edge of the clouds:
Far into the distance
The rain falls, mindless.
The waves stilled,
White seagulls alight;
The mountains cold,
Yellow leaves deepen.
Where does the hermit live?
The noon bell
Brings a clear sound.
As the sun sets,
I find I cannot leave;
The clustered peaks are casting
Shadows of the night.
— Wen-siang (1210-1280)
Dec 30 2016

As you discuss the skill in means here, you will think: “My physical body, composed of the four elements, was obviously born from my father and mother. At some unspecified time it is sure to decompose. What then was my original face before my father and mother were born?”

— T’aego
Dec 29 2016
Darkness and light
Divide the tall sky,
The rumble of thunder
Passes over distant mountains.
The evening is cool,
And beyond the slackening rain,
Through broken clouds, a moon immaculate.
— Ishikawa Jozan (1583-1672)
Dec 28 2016
At the palace of rocks,
Spring clouds white
White clouds are best
For the green moss
Brush apart the clouds,
Tread the rocky path:
What ordinary person could come along?
— Yuan Jie (719-772)
Dec 27 2016
Happy in the morning
I open my cottage door;
A clear breeze blowing
Comes straight in.
The first sun
Lights the leafy trees;
The shadows it casts
Are crystal clear.
In accord with my heart,
Everything merges
In one harmony.
Gain and loss
Are not my concern;
This way is enough
To the end of my days.
— Wen-siang (1210-1280)
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