Dec 26 2015
Shining of the sun and moon,
As profound as the constant flow
Of the rivers and streams.
If it is somehow blocked or obstructed,
Clear away the blockages and break
Through the obstructions and you will
Again see the basic essence.
The reason why the ancients
Gave this such urgency and
Such emphasis is precisely that
They wanted us to make whole
This ever-shining, ever-bright essence.
— Zou Shouyi (1491-1562)
Dec 25 2015

The way of buddhas is wide open, without any stages. The door of nothing is the door to liberation; having no intention is the will to help others. It is not within past, present, and future, so it cannot rise and sink; setups are counter to reality, because it is not in the realm of the created.

Move, and you produce the root of birth and death; be still, and you get drunk in the village of oblivion. If movement and stillness are both erased, you fall into empty annihilation; if movement and stillness are both withdrawn, you presume upon buddha nature.

You must be like a dead tree or cold ashes in the face of objects and situations while acting responsively according to time, without losing proper .balance. A mirror reflects a multitude of images without their confusing its brilliance; birds fly through the air without mixing up the color of the sky.

— Hsuan-sha
Dec 24 2015
This mind, since time without beginning,
Is originally motionless.
Though we may speak a thousand
Thoughts, it is just that the workings
Of natural potential are spontaneously so.
Though we may feel myriad influences
And make myriad responses, from the
Beginning the fundamental essence
Has always been still.
— Qian Dehong (1495-1574)
Dec 23 2015

Don’t love sagehood; sagehood is an empty name. There is no special truth but this radiant spiritual openness, unobstructed and free. It is not attained by adornment and cultivated realization. From the buddhas to the Zen masters, all have transmitted this teaching, by which they attained liberation.

— Te-shan (d. 867)
Dec 22 2015
The learning of the sages
For a thousand years
Is just recognized in a moment
Of spiritual illumination.
— Wang Ji (1498-1583)
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