Feb 06 2015
Everything is the original law;
Every day the morning sun
Clears the sky,
In every mind there is no
Separate mind.
In every place the pure wind
Circles the earth.
If you can understand in this way,
Then there is no need for Buddha
To appear in this world
Or for Bodhidharma to come
From the west.
— Daio (1235-1309)
Feb 05 2015
Directly transcend the principles
and activities of the buddhas
and patriarchs. Go through
the forest of thorns.
Transcend the barriers
of potential described by
ancestral teachers.
Pass through the silver mountain
And iron wall—then for the first time
you will realize there is a
transcendent fundamental endowment;
you can sit, helping people solve their sticking points and untie their bonds.
— Shoitsu (1202-1280)
Feb 04 2015
The road runs into pine sighs;
From far off, it’s even stranger.
Mountain light and colors in the water,
Tufted, raggedy.
On a crag in the middle,
In zazen, all alone,
One monk,
Sits facing the cassia bough:
Already old, long ago.
— Chiao Jan (730-799)
Feb 03 2015
You want to be a mountain-dweller,
No need to trek to India to find one.
I’ve a thousand peaks
To pick from right here on the lake.
Fragrant grasses and white clouds
Hold me here.
What holds you there,
— Chiao Jan (730-799)
Feb 02 2015
The true follower of Tao does not grasp at the Buddha, nor at bodhisattvas, nor at arhats, nor at the exceeding glories in the three realms. Attaining transcendental independence and untrammeled freedom, the true follower adheres to nothing. Even if the universe should collapse, their faith would not falter. Should all the Buddhas from the ten heavens appear before them, there would not be the slightest elation. Nor would they experience the slightest fear, should all the demons come out. How can one be this calm?
— Lin chi
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