Feb 11 2015
Unfettered at last, a traveling monk,
I pass the old Zen barrier.
Mine is a traceless stream-and-cloud life.
Of those mountains, which shall be my home?
— Manan (1591–1654)
Feb 10 2015
The Great Way is formless; the universe is the Way with form. The universe itself does not speak; sages are a universe that can speak. I did not get to see the sages, but I have read their classic writings. By reading their classic writings, one can understand their principles; how is that different from seeing the sages?
— Records of the Lanka
Feb 09 2015
Delusion conceives of things as
Existent or nonexistent,
As being real or unreal,
As born or unborn.

In an uncluttered place,
Concentrate your mind,
Remain steady and unmoving,
Like a polar mountain.

Observe that all phenomena
Have no existence,
That they are like space,
Without solid stability,
Neither being born nor emerging.

Unmoving, unflagging,
Abide in oneness:
This is called the place of nearness.
— Lotus Sutra
Feb 08 2015
O, Master of the Secret, what is enlightenment?

It means knowing your own mind as it really is.
This is unexcelled complete perfect enlightenment,
In which there is nothing at all that can be attained.
Because the form of it is enlightenment,
It has no knowledge and no understanding.
Because enlightenment has no form.
Master of the Secret, the formlessness
Of all things is called the form of space.
— Scripture of Vairochana
Feb 07 2015
Errant thoughts are fundamentally empty; the essence of mind is fundamentally pure. You suddenly realize this essence is originally free from afflictions; the essence of knowledge is inherently complete, no different from Buddha. To cultivate practice based on this is called the Zen of the highest vehicle, and it is also called the pure Zen of those who realize suchness.
— Master Chinul (1158-1210)
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