Nov 28 2014

If you want to freely live or die, go or stay, to take off or put on your clothes, then right now recognize the one who is listening to my discourse.

That one is without form, without characteristics, without root, without source, and without any dwelling place, yet is brisk and very alive.

As for all manifold responsive activities, the place where they are carried on is, in fact, no place. 

Therefore, when you look for that one, it retreats farther and farther, when you seek that, it turns more and more the other way: this is called the "Mystery."

— Lin-chi (d.866)
Nov 27 2014

What is of all things most yielding
Can overcome that which is most hard, 
Being substanceless, it can enter in
Even where there is no crevice. 
That is how I know the value
Of action which is actionless. 
But that there can be teaching without words, 
Value in action which is actionless 
Few indeed can understand.

— Lao Tzu (5th c BC)
Nov 25 2014

There is a meditative terrace 
Left by the ancient Master Chi. 
It is so high that it is always covered with white clouds.
Should the woodcutter see it,
He would not recognize it. 

The mountain monks, however, were glad to find it. 
They thought it would interest me 
And took me there to see it. 

Throughout the night dew drops
Fall leisurely from the bamboos; 
During the day pure breezes blow from the pine grove.
Meditation is what I used to do as the first thing; 
The terrace of Master Chi inspires me even more. 

— Meng Hao-jan
Nov 24 2014

It is like coming across a light in thick darkness; it is like receiving treasure in poverty. The four elements and the five aggregates are no more felt as burdens; so light, so easy, so free you are. Your very existence has been delivered from all limitations; you have become open, light and transparent.

— Yengo (1566-1642)