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A friend of yours recently sent you a personal greeting card. To receive your card now, enter the card number from the notification email in the box to the left. Thank you!

Card Help
Sending cards through DailyZen.com is easy, and your privacy is totally guaranteed.

First, please make sure you fill in the required fields correctly. You must enter names and valid email addresses for the recipient to get their card and you to get your confirmation.

Don't include extra spaces, commas, or other symbols not part of a valid email address. If you are on AOL, be sure to include the "@aol.com" following your user name. Valid email addresses look like this:


Here are examples of some of the more common reasons for your cards being undeliverable:

(name only, copied from address book)

(comma instead of dot)

name @your mailhost.dom
(extra spaces)

(missing the "@aol.com")

Please check your addresses carefully, and enjoy sending and receiving free cards from DailyZen.com. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact me for card support anytime.

Elana, Scribe for Daily Zen

P.S. We add new art and cards every month and publish the DailyZen Journal once a month. Sign up now.

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