Daily Zen Empty Books

Empty your mind into a Daily Zen Empty Book...
Daily Zen Journal Set
Specially priced at $35.00
Includes one of each journal


The first step of turning your thoughts into reality. Rich colors on these empty books invite you to record your dreams, visions, and reflections of life.

Each book is 5.5 x 8.5 inches with coil binding that is smooth in your hands. Beige inner pages are smooth textured, turn easily, and soft on the eyes. We are very impressed with the richness of the colors, and the extra cardboard liner in the back gives more support and protects your Empty Book for years to come. Empty Books make attractive and reasonably priced art gifts to inspire us all along the Way.

Remember, your purchase helps support Daily Zen, now entering our 15th year online.


Grace is within you;
Grace is the Self.
Grace is not something
To be acquired from others.
If it external, it is useless.
All that is necessary
Is to know its existence in you.
You are never out of its operation.
Ramana Maharshi

The Path

Walking along a little path,
I find a footprint on the moss,
A white cloud low on the quiet lake,
Grasses that sweeten an open door,
A pine greener with the rain,
A brook tumbling from a mountain source,
And, mingling with Truth among flowers,
I have forgotten what to say.
Liu Chang-ch’ing

Now, It's all you have...


Standing alone beneath a solitary pine,

Quickly the time passes.

Overhead the endless sky

Who can I call to join me on this path?




In the still night by the vacant window,
Wrapped in monk’s robe
I sit in meditation,
Navel and nostrils lined up straight,
Ears paired to the slope of shoulders.
Window whitens,
The moon comes up;
Rain’s stopped,
But drops go on dripping.
The mood of this moment;
Distant, vast.
Ryokan  (1758-1831)

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