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SPRING COMES LATE high up in the mountains. The higher you go, the later it arrives.

If you're willing to climb, to let go of each springtime as it arises and recedes below, you can enter into that alluring freshness of new grasses and radiant wildflowers again and again until you finally reach the glaciers, the frozen fields where yesterday's snows and tomorrow's will soon meet and blend. An intersection of past and future where the streams of time melt off, dissolve, as do all things born of time, to become the cold clear glacial waters -- the flowing streams of the present. The best way is to follow those streams right up to their source.

The flowers dazzle with a display that is totally, completely innocent, with none of the pretense of an exhibition.... That's the way of things. Ask yourself, deeply, searchingly, about the flowers.

Ask yourself for whom they bloom each spring in September?

from the book:
Journeys On Mind Mountain


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